Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WEAR Sustain Events

The WEAR Sustain project and the Creative Ring have produced a series of events in Europe around the development of wearable prototypes including e-textiles and smart materials (

WEAR (Wearable Technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible Innovation) Sustain is a 2 year, £3 million project, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation initiative to engage art, design and creative industries to work more closely with technology and engineering industries.

The aim is to shift the development of wearables and the e-textile landscape towards a more sustainable and ethical approach.

The events include a series of workshops, open coaching, matchmaking, networking opportunities, and opportunities to directly interact with members of the EU WEAR consortium.

Applications sought from artists, creatives, technologists and engineers with an interest in wearables, e-textiles and smart materials.

More WEAR Project details are available at:

Event Title: WEAR Sustain Support Event - Brussels (Belgium)

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017
Time: 10:00 - 17:00

There will also be opportunities to write and improve your proposals through one-to-one coaching and networking with experts and consortium members at the following events.

10am                     Welcome at MAD Brussels

1015                       STARTS boosts synergies between artists, creative people and technologists

1045                       WEAR Sustain - Open Call do’s & don’ts

1115                       Coffee break

1130                       Brussels Creative - vibrant ecosystem of creative hubs & crossover initiatives

1150                       Cities of Making

1210                       Welcome to the Lunch Session

1245                       Transdisciplinary workshop on ethical, aesthetic,
                                 responsible innovation (open call topics)

How can artists & designers and technologists solve environmental issues associated with creating, using and discarding wearable devices and smart textiles?

Use, Reuse and Waste:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop new wearables using technologies, textiles and materials that engage with sustainable use, reuse or waste?

Body/ Physiology/ Somatics:
How can artists & designers and technologists address and combat the negative impact of wearable technologies and smart textiles on the body?

How can artists or designers with technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that harvest or make use of alternative energy?

Emotional and Mental Health:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that minimise the negative impact on users emotional and mental health, and enhance comfort and wellbeing?

Ethical Social/Cultural/Economic Use of Data:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that create social, cultural and economic sustainability for data collection and processing?

1400                       Coffee break

1430                       Triaxis - joining forces as pluridisciplinary teams

1500                       Mapping & exploring the wearables ecosystem and the next generation of wearables

1530                       Closing Keynote - Smart Fabrics

1700                       Tour visiting participating fab labs & creative hubs in Brussels

Please register through the Eventbrite portal and we look forward to seeing you there.