Thursday, May 4, 2017

Success Story - Tshared

TShared -

Did you know that 30% of garments and clothing made in this world consumers won’t even buy. That is 25 billion pieces each year! With a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Jeroen van der Heide, Founder of Tshared, wants to lay the foundations of his company. The making of the Zero Waste T-shirt aims to not only create a new system to reduce the 30 percent overproduction of clothing but also closing the fashion loop and use an Circular business model instead of an linear, next to this Tshared wants also to better the working conditions for employees within the fashion industry and donate to good causes who invest into education for Children.

With the help of the InvestHorizon Investment Readiness Coaching Seminar in April 2016, van der Heide practiced his business pitch and found out about crowdfunding as a funding opportunity. For his social goal, a combination of reward-based and pre-sales crowdfunding was the right mix to start his crowdfunding campaign and raise funding and get his first customers in.

With three steps he hopes to become closer to his goal of Zero waste:
  • Step 1: To create awareness. The unique T-shirts themselves communicate and spread van der Heide’s zero waste message whenever they are worn. Blogs, videos and other content is created to also build awareness.
  • Step 2: To be transparent. Tshared wants transparency about the supply chain, therefore you get to see exactly who each T-shirt is being produced by and how it is being made. There is an importance to a product with a story behind it.
  • Step 3: To inspire. Tshared hopes to become a role model and raise awareness around doing business and contributing to the world at the same time. Their goal: to become an eco-effective brand that is proud of its footprint.

Now, almost a year later, he continues the mission of Tshared with a team of five. He is now ready for the next step finding an Investor to grow the business even faster. Follow his cause on