Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Success Story - MVMANT


Founders: Blochin Cuius, Riccardo D’Angelo

MVMANT is an urban transportation on demand solution based on vehicles circulating over fixed routes with service on demand. The dispatching of vehicles is managed by predictive algorithms and by requests generated through the dedicated app.
This allows to allocate the vehicles when and were needed and match the mobility needs of citizens in the most efficient way.
The MVMANT platform consists also of a city loyalty program and a targeted advertisement solution.

MVMANT is the ideal synthesis of bus and taxi and overcomes the limits of car-and ridesharing. It includes a loyalty scheme (like Payback) where customers can earn free trips and which benefits all local stakeholders (local businesses, taxi and public transit operators).

What has happened since the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2016 and the InvestHorizon Coaching Day?

After joining the IH coaching day and finally winning the innovation award of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2016, MVMANT has now closed a strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz and was selected by the Dubai Future Accelerators program (30 companies selected from over 2200 applications).
MVMANT was one of 19 companies that have signed a contract with the Government Entity and the service will be deployed in Dubai in 2017.

Regarding the market perspective, the primary target is the urban transportation market. The urban population is estimated to be around 4 bn and will grow to 6 bn within the next 30 years. We calculate 7 to 15 EUR daily commission for every deployed vehicle. On a full deployment scale, we forecast 1.000 vehicles per million inhabitants.