Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Success Story - Knok

Knok -  http://www.knokcare.com/en

Description of Knok 
Knok offers on-demand in-person appointments at a patient’s home. No more waiting at the hospital because the doctor “Knoks" on your door.
Knok provides top quality, personalised and affordable health care delivered by GPs, paediatricians and psychiatrists, not only improving the satisfaction of patients but also the quality of outcomes, whilst simultaneously enabling doctors to earn more money.

Participation to InvestHorizon 
Participating in the InvestHorizon coaching academy and investment forum in Porto on 25 May 2016 catalysed great outcomes for Knok. José Bastos met with potential investors from across Europe, which helped him get valuable insights on different healthcare markets in the EU and refine his target country analysis.
The depth of our EU knowledge was strengthened with our participation in InvestHorizon (which was a smaller and more focused event), where we met new and relevant business angels. We are still in touch with many of these angels, and as we now have a clear geographic roadmap for our expansion, each of these people can play a key role in market entry.
Finally, it has broadened our understanding of EU funding and grants programmes and we are working together with startups and companies we met at InvestHorizon to apply to the relevant programmes. Hopefully we’ll be successful, in which case IH will have meaningfully changed the trajectory of our business!

What happened since then 
We got back in touch with José Bastos, CEO, and he told us that a lot of things have happened since May 2016.
After winning the “Most Investable Company” award at the InvestHorizon Investment Forum, Knok raised its £300k seed round lead by Mustard Seed Impact (a London based VC fund), with 6 business angels participating with small stakes in the round. “We closed our round in November and since then our revenues trebled and we have two more people working with us. Additionally, we are offering our services in 3 more cities in Portugal, we’ve launched our Android app and we are preparing our lunch in Madrid, where we hope to launch during the second quarter of 2017.”
Besides this, Knok’s presence in Spain has been enhanced by the fact that they have been admitted to the first batch of “Rising Startup Spain”, an accelerator promoted by ICEX in Spain: “They have a great relationship with EBAN and not only do we feel they have appreciated the validation we got from the InvestHorizon Investment Forum but also that we will be meeting again soon, as we will soon be part of EBAN events in Spain, with new opportunities to meet future investors of our next investment round! And we must not forget the great people we’ve met along the way that we are sure they we’ll be a part of our growth to new markets.”
Generally speaking, José is thrilled to say that Knok is entering a new and exciting era: “launching internationally is providing the opportunity to learn the best practises in different geographies and to improve the general service level we deliver everywhere. Additionally, we are working hard to deliver a better user experience and find our doctors new opportunities to increase their pay practising medicine like they’ve dreamed all along! We claim that Knok is ‘your healthcare everywhere’ and that’s what we’re focused on delivering!”

Curious to know more? Visit www.knokcare.com!