Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Success Story - aucobo

aucobo GmbH -   www.aucobo.de

Founders: Michael Reutter, Benjamin Schaich

Business Idea: Improve the productivity of machines and workers on the shopfloor by connecting different systems in order to decrease media discontinuity and avoid unnecessary work with aucobo.

Problem: Lots of companies still utilize used machines and old software. Therefore they have isolated applications and ineffective processes. A total replacement of all used machines and software is very expensive and in most cases not profitable.Furthermore small and medium sized companies have a lack of IT-specialists to implement, maintain and use IT-systems for the production. Even more important, they do not have the knowledge to connect IT-Systems and machines.

Solution: With aucobo different interfaces from new and used systems can be connected, in order that different machines and software can communicate with each other. Connection and the implementation of new systems can be done easy without coding skills.New processes can be arranged with a few clicks and matching hardware to update machinery can be bought in the aucobo store. There is no need to hire new IT-experts and lots of money can be saved.

Product: To get the most out of every production we give them a tool kit with three tools in it. First a ruler builder to easy set up automations, like smart notifications or bringing information from a machine into software A Visualization tool to visualize data or built apps like for the maintenance process and a data analytics tool for live analytics for streaming data.
Always our goal in mind to make everything so simple that everybody on the shop floor can do this without any IT-skills.

USP: Aucobo is the solution which workers and engineers can set up and adapt new automation processes. That means continuous connection and automation with machines, sensors and software for non IT-experts. Additionally a shop to buy matching soft- and hardware to upgrade your machines.

What has happened since the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2016 and the InvestHorizon Coaching Day?
  • Participants of Batch 4 of the Accelerator Programme Techfounders (Accelerator managed by UnternehmerTUM with BMW, Bosch, Siemens, FESTO and others)
  • Company has acquired new clients and aucobo’s solution is now being used by a big German automation company based in Esslingen for their production processes
  • The team now has a demonstrator in the FutureWorkLab of Fraunhofer IAO that presents and collects industry 4.0 use cases and will be part of the regional Arena2036 initiative
  • The team has been selected for the programme Young Innovators of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • Aucobo now has an office in Stuttgart as part of the code_n spaces
  • 5 people are now working on the vision of aucobo, the team started with two founders originally

Next steps:
  • Acquire new clients in the coming months
  • Find equity investment to scale and grow further