Thursday, March 23, 2017

Educating Entrepreneurs across the World with InvestHorizon’s Online Courses

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship thrives with education, and never has obtaining education been easier than in today’s digital world, with top-notch materials readily available at the click of a button. Online courses bring a new level of flexibility to education and increase its accessibility. Interested individuals have the ability to obtain a wealth of information from different experts on all kinds of relevant topics, while having the freedom to choose when and how they do so.

With over 40 video presentations, InvestHorizon’s Online Courses give entrepreneurs the opportunity to improve their investment readiness level, pitching skills, or learn about the mechanics of equity investments from actual investors, among other topics, at no cost. The courses cover 4 distinct areas – Business & Management, Finance & Equity Investment, Industry & Technology, and Early Stage courses.

For entrepreneurs looking for funding, the Finance & Equity Investment courses present a handy guide on how to finance a startup, what investors are looking for, as well as the process of obtaining investment, from detailed instructions on deal-making, due diligence, financial statements, company valuation, and more. These courses are given by such experts as:

The Finance & Equity Investment collection also features a number of courses on the ins and outs of angel investing from prominent angels like:

The courses cover a variety of topics from what business angels are looking for and how to approach them, to angel syndicates, exit strategies and co-investment funds.

Focus is also given to accelerators and how entrepreneurs can benefit from them, with courses from Daniel Tomov, Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund Founding partner, and Egidijus Jarasunas, F6S Co-founder. Venture Capital is discussed as well, with a case study from Dr. Alex von Frankenberg High-Tech Gründerfonds Managing Director.

Covering more types of financing still, InvestHorizon’s course collection also features a 6-part series from the European Crowdfunding Network, led by their marketing manager Irene Tordera, which leaves no step in the crowdfunding process unexplored. The series is filled out by more videos from the distinguished Prof. Alan Barrell.

In contrast to the Finance & Equity Investment section, Industry & Technology courses cater to sector-specific interests, letting entrepreneurs learn about the particulars of different industries – design and fashion, space technologies, life science, and smart production - from the following experts:

In addition, Early Stage and Business & Management courses expand on the above material – the former providing information on how to build up a successful startup, while the latter deals with the details of running a business. 

InvestHorizon’s online courses are useful not just for entrepreneurs, but also for individuals looking to become investors, or simply learn more about the early stage ecosystem. All of the courses can be accessed here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get to know about

European Investment Project Portal

The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP, the Portal) is a public web portal established by the European Commission in order to provide greater visibility to EU projects and transparency about EU investment opportunities. By creating a common meeting point for EU project promoters and investors, the EIPP supports investment in the real economy and it is an important component of the Investment Plan for Europe.

The Portal provides a transparent forward-looking pipeline of EU investment projects spread over 25 high-economic-potential sectors with a considerable number of projects coming from the sectors of R&D and Innovation. As of March 2017 the Portal has published 140 projects, many of them being cross-border ones.

For publication on the EIPP, a project must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:
·       Have a total cost of at least € 5 million,
·       Fall under one of the 25 pre-determined high-economic-value-added sectors,
·       Be expected to start within three years of submission,
·       Be promoted by a public or private legal entity established in an EU country,
·       Be compatible with all applicable EU and national laws.

Published projects' information is presented in a structured format which can be filtered according to investor's preferences (e.g. country, sector, project cost). To make the Portal more attractive for the promoters, the minimum permissible project size was recently lowered to EUR 5 million. Furthermore, the EIPP actively continues to develop its features, such as the registration process and search tools in order to further improve the service offered for both investors and promoters.

For additional information about the EIPP, please visit its website or contact

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March fundraising - acceleration programs and competitions

Spring is here! So are new accelerators and competitionsDon't miss the opportunity to apply to the ones that suits you best! Check out the awesome list we've prepared for you in March!