Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Year Again InvestHorizon Joins Business Angels Week!

The importance of business angels in the early stage ecosystem cannot be overstated – they are often the pillars of entrepreneurial success, providing funding as well as expertise to help startups grow. Since its creation, EBAN – the European Business Angels Network – has been working to further the interests of business angels across Europe and beyond. With the Business Angels Week (BAW) initiative, we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the great work angel investors are doing and that more people get the chance to become involved with angel investing – whether as an entrepreneur getting funded or a potential investor. At its core, BAW is a cross-border awareness campaign endeavouring to promote business angel investing by providing maximum visibility to angel-related events.

Starting in 2013 with 141 events across Europe, Business Angels Week has kept growing and involving more partners – not the least of which are the 
MENA Business Angels Network (MBAN) and the African Business Angels Network (ABAN), who facilitate the inclusion of events from the Middle East and Africa in BAW. Now in 2016, for the fourth year running, we are thrilled to be continuing the tradition and working to make Business Angels Week even bigger and better.

This year’s Business Angels Week is taking place from 14-20 November, and features a whopping 300 events, breaking our previous record and taking the initiative one step further. Additionally, for the second time in a row, BAW is taking place at the same time as 
Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is by no means a coincidence. Just as entrepreneurs and business angels make for a perfectly symbiotic relationship, so do EBAN and the Global Entrepreneurship Network when we collaborate to reach an even larger audience together. As we’re all part of the same thriving ecosystem, working together to harness the full potential of both business angels and entrepreneurs, as well as other players like incubators, accelerators, venture capital firms, governments, etc. is a must.

Along with our wonderful partners, what makes Business Angels Week such a success are the organizers of the events featured by BAW, who take it upon themselves to promote angel investing in their respective countries or regions and play an invaluable role in developing the ecosystem. EBAN is pleased to have so many of its members take part in the initiative, with some even holding their own national Business Angels Weeks. 
InvestHorizon events have become a staple for Business Angels Week, and feature heavily in this year’s edition as well, from various Coaching Academies and Investment Forums to ePitches and the Venture Academy in Cork, Ireland. Of course, InvestHorizon was also a big part of EBAN’s annual Winter University, which is, naturally, also a part of BAW. This year’s Winter University is being held in Zagreb, Croatia, where a whole day will be dedicated to coaching, dry runs, and one-to-one meetings, culminating in a Global Investment Forum with more than 50 investors hearing the participating entrepreneurs pitch. Here is a full list of InvestHorizon events featured in this year’s Business Angels Week:
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy in Brussels on 10 October
·         InvestHorizon Investment Forum in Brussels on 10-11 October
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy - Value proposition in Liège on 12 October
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy - Expand your business abroad in Riga on 14 October
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy - Business modeling in Liège on 18 October
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy – Pitch in Liège on 16 November
·         Venture Academy in Cork on 17 November
·         InvestHorizon Coaching Academy - Lean Startup Methodology in Liège on 23 November
·         ePitch in the Health sector on 8 December
·         ePitch in the ICT sector on 8 December
·         ePitch in the Clean Tech sector on 9 December
As the BAW initiative aims to raise awareness to the maximum, it celebrates events from mid-October to the end of December – the more events we can shine the light on that highlight business angel investing, the better. From networking events to conferences to pitching, training and beyond, we showcase them all in our quest to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and business angel investing on a global scale.
Contact Ana Barjasic from our team at to find out more about the BAW initiative and here’s to many more successful Business Angels Weeks for years to come!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall fundraising - acceleration programs and competitions

In the fall new editions of acceleration programs and competitions arise. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply to the ones that suit best your startup. Check out the list we prepare for you in November!

The Refiners

The Refiners is a 3-month acceleration program specifically designed to immerse startup founders from abroad in Silicon Valley culture. It will give you a foundation of knowledge and access to the expertise you need to expand your vision and scale your startup globally. It provides the necessary funding, education, networking and mentorship to start in Silicon Valley.
The Refiners accelerator aims to provide you the support and training necessary to grow your startup into Silicon Valley–ready ventures. We always make sure you are receiving maximum support, information and advice.

Location: San Francisco, US 
Closing date: 6th of March, 2017

Y&R SparkPlug

SparkPlug is Y&R’s global innovation incubator that offers free office space, resources and relationships to interesting companies and idea generators with zero equity fees. Companies can focus on building their game changing ideas, technology and products with the support of our global network spanning 189 offices in 93 countries around the world. In exchange, we invite you to share new ways to thinking, introduce innovative technologies and forge productive partnerships. 

We will assign agency champions from key client teams to each startup to help you navigate the agency and make introductions in order to maximize your time here. Additional program benefits may include mentorship from industry leaders, demo days, start-up seminars, client introductions, participation in innovation conferences, and investment funding and acquisition discussions.

Location: London, UK
Closing date: 31st of December, 2016

Reimagine Drone

Reimagine Drone is Barcelona’s first drone services incubator from Brinc and Incubio. We offer European entrepreneurs access to prototyping resources typically available only in Asia in addition to a proven, online curriculum and technical hands-on training.

Location: Barcelona, ES
Closing date: 25th of November, 2016

E2FC Pitch days

On 17 November 2016, Eierfabrik and Factory Campus bring you E2FC Pitch days! A startup battle with some of Germany’s brightest startups from the IT, Communications, New Media, Life Science, and Industry CleanTec 4.0 sectors.

One Grand Prize winner is set up to take home a 100K investment. Plus, the top 4 startups will be invited to a 3-day Intensive Startup Training session in Mallorca, Spain where they will take part in workshops, social events, and of course, a little bit of fun in the sun! The location is an ancient Majorcan manor which dates from the 13th century and is surrounded by an amazing natural environment and easy access to its beautiful beaches. The estate has been recently restored and turned into a wonderful place perfect to work together in small teams.

Location: Düsseldorf, DE
Closing date: 17th of November, 2016

Richi Social Entrepreneurs

Richi Social Entrepreneurs is a Boston-based initiative running a 3-week immersion program in Boston for international startups with potential to generate positive social outcomes in sectors like BioTech, MedTech, HealthCare, CleanTech, EdTech, or Social Tech. 

Location: Boston, US
Closing date: 7th of February, 2017

Capital Innovators

Ranked a Top Seed Accelerator in the U.S. (by Tech Crunch, Inc, MIT, etc.) the Capital Innovators Accelerator Program provides $50,000 in seed funding, project-based mentorship from a seasoned pool of knowledgeable experts, stellar perks, networking, and follow-on funding opportunities over the course of 12 weeks.

The 70 companies in our portfolio have gone on to raise more than $175MM after graduating the program. Two classes are run each year - one in the fall, and one in the spring. 

Location: Saint Louis, US

Closing date: 11th of November, 2016

Mundi Lab Insurtech Accelerator

Mundi Lab is an insurance tech acceleration program, designed to facilitate the go-to-market of startups with innovative solutions for the insurance and reinsurance industries. Mundi Lab is divided in two phases:
Phase 1: An intensive 5-weeks program designed to take 10 selected teams in very diverse industries to the next level…and open infinite opportunities to them within the Insurance market (cash and equity free for participants!)

Location: Madrid, ES

Closing date: 13th of November, 2016

Techstars Music

Techstars Music, in partnership with Bill Silva Entertainment, Harmonix Music Systems, Silva Artist Management/Era of the Engineer, QPrime Management, SONOS, Sony Music and Warner Music Group
Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to build their business. With 18 mentorship-driven accelerator programs worldwide, Techstars exists to support the world’s most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey. Techstars provides access to over 5,000 founders, mentors investors, and corporate partners, allowing entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation and do more faster. Techstars makes entrepreneurship more accessible by providing access to capital, guidance, marketing, business development, customer acquisition, and recruitment.

Location: Los Angeles, US
Closing date: 11th of December, 2016

European Student Startups

European Student Start-ups brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and investors; where early stage start ups are grown into successful companies.
Entrants will pitch to investors through a three-stage process, and the finalists will receive the opportunity to secure investment from a range of investors at our Demo Day in London, March 2017.

Location: London, UK
Closing date: 9th of December, 2016

Merck Accelerator

Are you ready to get your start-up to the next level?
The Merck Accelerator is looking for true innovators and entrepreneurs with a start-up mindset. Candidates applying to the accelerator program should be startups in the fields of healthcare, life science and performance materials who are dedicated to the program and ready to give their all for the entire program period. 

Location: Darmstadt, DE
Closing date: 19th of December, 2016