Friday, August 26, 2016

Have you taken the most of InvestHorizon? These startups surely have!

At InvestHorizon, we always like to get news and feedback from the startups who attended our events and before we start off again after a well-deserved summer break for all of us, EBAN would like to share with you some of this feedback!
Attending these events gave all entrepreneurs great networking opportunities, meaning new customers, new potential investors and business partners. Here are some of the comments we got from the startups:
“In one day, we met new customers, we improved validation of our solutions, potential partnerships and distributors for our products!” Andrea Cruciani, TEAMDEV
“We made a lot of new contacts who have interest in our products and services. This week we are going to speak with them again!” Christoph Dresner, Deal Matrix
 “It was a great event and although my initial expectations for these kinds of events are moderate, it turned out to be extremely useful:
-      My pitch to investors was heard by some fellow startup CEOs who were quite keen to know about how our solution could help their business. They approached me and it resulted in 2 new customers and connections to another bunch of interested customers. That already made my trip worth it!
-      The networking with peers and other stakeholders was also very positive and there are a number of potential partnership doors that were opened thanks to this event!
-      Even if I was not actively looking for investment, I did quite a bit of networking that I believe will render fruits in the future…” Jorge Araluce, Relevante
“Annual EBAN Congress in Porto had proven to be not only a great opportunity to present the company to the Pan-European community of angel investors, but it has also been an excellent place for successful networking. I strongly recommend and encourage other early-stage startups to consider EBAN-organized events as the priority in their business development activities. We are also very grateful for all the support from EBAN project team that stayed in touch and help us before and during the Congress. Thanks!” Piotr Piekos, Totem Interactive
Going further than only the networking possibilities, EBAN also offers to its selected entrepreneurs the chance to perform an investment pitch in front of seasoned Business Angels and to have a meaningful feedback:
[Thanks to the pitching opportunity], we understood we needed to change slightly the strategy and lower the amount we were raising in this round.” André Godinho Luz, VL Engineering
“Excellent opportunity to pitch in front of seasoned Business Angels and to have direct, honest and constructive feedback! The coaching helped to realise that we were not ready yet for BA investment. This said, we initiated discussions with some BAs, both in Spain and abroad, in case we need them later!” Xavier Arrufat, Awaait
“We got extremely useful feedback from the coach during the morning workshop and from other investors during the day. I spent my whole day talking with investors, trying to learn from each conversation! We were not yet looking for money, but we were definitely taking the opportunity to learn how to do it.” Luis Pinto, Pet Universal
Want to enjoy similar opportunities? Here is where we will be going to next:
Nantes, 15 September – Coaching Academy
Serbia, 22 September – Investment Forum
Brussels, 10-11 October – Investment Forum
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All the feedback below comes from companies that attended InvestHorizon training and matchmaking events organised by EBAN (namely, Early Stage Camps and Investment Fora that took place in Istanbul on 7 September 2015, in Lisbon on 22 October 2015, in Brussels on 23 October 2015, in Copenhagen 16 November 2015 and in Porto 25 May 2016).