Wednesday, June 1, 2016

InvestHorizon Human Resource Management day in Riga

On 13th April 2016, InvestHorizon Human Resource management day was independently organized from other InvestHorizon events. Its main objective was to give an innovative and new approach to Human Resource trainings for companies with experience. The Academy gathered 30 Latvian companies from various sectors with 5 experts and 5 coaches. The selected experts were highly experienced in human resource management including innovative approaches.

During their interventions at the Coaching Academy, speakers interacted a lot with the audience through discussions and activities and the seminar provided companies with positive ideas not only for their daily work, but also for their private lives.

The main ideas presented are summarized below:

·         Aivars Kalniņš presented useful information about CEO’s expectations in human resource management from various kind of business. Long-term corporative, HR strategy theory, and case studies were discussed with the audience.

·         Gundega Dambe provided theoretical information about changes in labor law and discussed the main challenges in human resource management, based on a wide experience in State Emergency Medical Service, as a high-stress environment.

·         Alexander Dobrovoļskis and Andrejs Kedrovs presented very innovative approach to human resource management through Games in business - game process in business events with the purpose of exploring inner communication and improve a team. This session was the most interactive part of the event.

·         Ieva Kalve through his very interesting approach to the human resource management, he presented innovative approach to develop a satisfied, productive and effective worker. The three “golden keys” to more quickly self-develop professionally are the questions where, how and what are the employer’s opportunities to be effective.