Friday, April 29, 2016

InvestHorizon visits Entrepreneur Country in London!

On 19th April 2016, EBAN together with F6S were at Entrepreneur Country Forum to represent InvestHorizon. Ideally located right next to the speaking sessions room, a lot of entrepreneurs but also investors got very curious about the project and we were highly solicitated!

Entrepreneur Country Forum is one of the most important startup events in London and in the UK attracting more than 1000 founders, investors and corporate representatives each year. Founded by Ariadne Capital’s Julie Meyer, Entrepreneur Country is the startup network where “Davids dance with Goliaths”, whereas Davids are the startups and Goliaths are the corporations. It goes without saying that this was a great opportunity for InvestHorizon to get visibility in the London startup and investor scenes!

About Entrepreneur Country Global
Ariadne Capital is investing in the ‘Digital Enablers’ whose role is to bring new economics to larger, non-tech traditional businesses and industries

EntrepreneurCountry Global, a subsidiary of Ariadne Capital, is operationalizing these economics for the larger, non-tech traditional businesses and industries (also known as Goliaths). By building in EntrepreneurCountry, Goliaths can build their ‘Digital P&L’ by formulating new hypotheses about how their business will work in the future, and how their industry should work. In our marketspace, we help Goliaths – whether they be banks, newspaper groups, retailers, transportation firms – build the future from the future, test pilot new ventures through EntrepreneurCountry’s ‘citizens’ who act as an early adopter group, and learn how the new economics of becoming a platform are superior to the current economics of their firm.