Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Entrepreneurs and investors, 6 things you shall know about the SME Instrument!

In 2014, the European Commission launched the SME Instrument to invest in the most promising European disruptive SMEs and support them to become global actors. Since its creation, more than 1400 companies were selected to join this community of highly innovative SMEs. In case you are not yet familiar with this 3 billion euro venture funding, we listed 6 reasons why you shall care about it:

  1. It provides to start-ups and SMEs equity-free funding up to €2.5 million (and even up to €5 million for health projects);
  2. It is tailored to innovative SME needs, with the possibility to apply first for a 50.000 euros funding to prepare a feasibility study and then apply for more funding in next development stages; 
  3. It is not only about money, but also a range of services such as business coaching and opportunities to network with peers and potential investors and clients;
  4. Our companies are selected through an EU-wide competition. They go through a stringent evaluation procedure (~5% success rate) done by international experts in business development, finance and innovation management;
  5. Our companies attract investors because they increase credibility and visibility and reduce risk. In 2015, one of our companies went public, several successfully closed series A and B rounds, as well as equity crowdfunding campaigns;
  6. Our companies develop strategic partnerships with key business players.

Concretely, to know what kind of companies we support, watch the videos presenting 3 of the European Champions of our portfolio:

Commerce Guys, and its spin-of

Ultrahaptics Feeling without touching

Nomadic Mobile batteries

Interested? Have a look to the infographic presenting the SME Instrument in a nutshell.

And for more information, visit SME Instrument website and follow it on Twitter to keep updated on SME Instrument news.