Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crowdfunding in The Netherlands starts at €20

Crowdfunding proves to be the fastest growing form of financing and investment in The Netherlands. In 2011, €0,9M of investments was produced through crowdfunding in the country. Four years later (in 2015), this grew to €100M.

Growth of crowdfunding in The Netherlands | Screenshot from

What led to this growth? Investors who crowdfund businesses have many reasons.

Maarten Timmerman, a longtime businessman and investor himself, joins in crowdfunding projects because it gives him a chance to actively participate in the plans he deems interesting and not just be a financial partner. “Crowdfunding gives a bit more than just financing someone’s dream. It is more interesting to share experiences with business partners and see a project grow before your eyes,” he said.

Jan-Dik Boot, a former project developer, is now a hardcore crowdfunder. He and his wife are currently participating in about 75 businesses. He finds the transparency in crowdfunding very attractive. “You see clearly what the business does. You see where the entrepreneurs are busy about,” he said.

Fransce Verdeuzeldonk invested money in BrandMission, a shop in Haarlem, The Netherlands that carries fairtrade and eco-friendly brands. “It was my dream to set up a clothing shop before but it didn’t push through. Putting money in BrandMission is a fulfilment of that dream,” she said. She was so satisfied with the return of investment that she would spend it in another project if needed.

In crowdfunding, anyone can invest as little as €20 to as much as €20,000. Would you like to check if you’re apt for it? Visit (website in Dutch).