Monday, July 27, 2015

Science to business database maps scientific research

We live in permanently changing environment, surrounded by a lot of information. Sometimes, there is a problem that arises in picking out the useful one from the crowd.
The “Science2Business” database enables companies to get the information about new technologies and knowledge easily and efficiently, which is the best way to protect and enhance their competitive advantage in the era of turbulent technological development.

A database is a modern communication channel which strengthens existing networks and create new connections between academia and industry, while encouraging economic development of the country through improving technology transfer.
This communication channel facilitates:
-  joint research activities
- development of new products and improvement of the existing products
- joint participation in national and international projects
- creating new business ideas
- collaboration with domestic and international companies
These activities result in increasing the income of all parties.
The “Science2Business” database was created as part of the innovation project “Mapping of scientific research potential of University of Belgrade”, funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. It is a response on the increasing need for intensifying collaboration between academia and industry and informing the broader audience about the scientific potential of the University of Belgrade, which should be recognized as initiator of economic development of the country.
The “Science2Business” database is carefully designed to be used by companies, research institutions and for all interested in information about the scientific achievements, new projects, available technologies and commercial services in faculties and institutes, members of the University of Belgrade, which is the scientific and research center in the region.
Access to the database is free of charge. It is available on the website of the Center for Technology Transfer of University of Belgrade.