Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hottest event in Austria: IH Brainslounge 2015

Another outstanding InvestHorizon event was celebrated last July 7th - in Siegendorf, Austria – where 22 promising startups, 5 coaches and 20 investors participated in Brainslounge 2015, the hottest Early Stage Camp and Investment Forum ever recorded in history. The 37 degrees of heat although were not enough to compromise the success of this event organized and hosted by Austrian Brainswork and DreamAcademia.Founded and led by serial entrepreneur and business angel Selma Prodanovic, Brainswork is one of Austria’s most influential consultancies for startup and new business development. Thanks to the cooperation with DreamAcademia, the center of dream development, the event took place in the Dreamicon Vally, an innovation and technology hub on the outskirts of Vienna where talented entrepreneurs from all over the world can get the support necessary to make their dreams a reality. Definitely the ideal location to set the right tone for the event.

Brainslounge 2015 welcomed 22 excellent startups from a wide variety of sectors and stages of growth to attend the morning Early Stage Camp, carefully prepared and executed by Selma Prodanovic and other four top business coaches. These were:

Harald Katzenschlager, founder and mentor at DreamAcademia. Harald is an expert in coaching and business development. He brings together significant experience in international business, with practical experience in building and managing cross-cultural teams. He has coached at different organizational levels of blue-chip companies and SMEs, and worked with talents from various backgrounds to realize their dreams.
Manuel Gruber, Founder of DREAMA.TV, an online tv channel that features people with inspiring stories from around the world. He is also the Creative Director & Media Producer and an expert in Web 2.0 and social media.
Hermann Gams, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of DreamAcademia
Robert Klun, architect, designer and CEO of Klun Ambienti

After the lunch break, the startups pitched their companies to the 20 international investors that made it to Seigendorf for the Investment Forum. With the advice on hand from the coaches, the entrepreneurs delivered entertaining pitches that received lots of great feedback from the audience. Important to note that the Forum also saw the participation of two female entrepreneurs (Robo Wunderkind and Erdbeerwoche) that lately appeared on Forbes as superheroes of Austrian economy.

Below a complete list of the 22 startups that joined the event:

Bergaffe GmbH (David Dietrich)
ChillBill (Clemens Helm)
Erdbeerwoche (Annemarie Harant and Bettina Steinbrugger)
Florian Schönwiese (Florian Schönwiese)
Fresnex GmbH (Hartmut Schneider)
Gatherer (Desiree Zottl)
I missed her keynote (Kathrin Folkendt)
Keyper GmbH (Andreas Kienbink)
Memocorby (Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak)
NewSchool (Gregor Ludick)
NIXE Brau GmbH (Constantin Simon)
Record Bird GmbH (Andreas Mahringer)
Robo Wunderkind (Anna Iarotska)
SchnetzerPils (Gregor Pils)
Start-up Simulator (Michael Bauer-Leeb)
Sweazer GmbH (Renata Fourmanova)
Tom tom (Thomas Franz-Riegler)
Topfreisen (Cornelia Mayer)
Helga (Anneliese Niederl-Schmidinger)
Skyability (Philipp Knopf)
Art house project (Nora Demattio)
Younited Cultures (Andra Slaats)

To end the day on a high note and celebrate the success of this InvestHorizon initiative, NIXE Brau GmbH and Helga announced their future collaboration.

InvestHorizon is looking forward to welcoming you to our next upcoming Coaching Workshop in Warsaw at the end of this October. For information on the InvestHorizon project and the upcoming events, visit our website http://www.investhorizon.eu/ or follow us on Twitter at @InvestH2020.