Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aprende a financiarte

Learn how to get finance

Aprende a Financiarte (Learn how to get finance) is a program coordinated by the High Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain and implemented by the Regional Council of Chambers of Commerce of Andalusia. The Program is co-financed by the Chambers of Commerce and the European Regional Development Fund.

What is the offer?

Learn how to get finance is a counseling process conducted by Chambers of Commerce that enables businesses to improve their competitiveness in acquiring external funding.

It is a set of practical advice 
  • All services in two clicks.
  • Users find information quickly.
  • Integrated design, easy language. Information has been “translated” in normal speaking. 
  • Users can take decisions easily.
  • Permanent way of communication, with banks, other investors and Regional and local Agents.
  • Answers in 24 hours.
  • Customized information for any user.

What is the focus?

Thanks to the portal the entrepreneurs can better prepare and assess their ability to acquire financing from public and private sources of finance- in case of the latter mainly banks and business angels. If you want to learn more visit

What's next?

To expand the opportunities of Spanish (and not only) entrepreneurs InvestHorizon will be present in Spain shortly to assist them in improving their investment readiness. Two seminars covering the project will be offered to SMEs, mid-caps and investors between October and November 2015 in Zaragoza and Badajoz. 

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