Monday, July 27, 2015

1001 Accelerators – The Tale of the Right Choice

Accelerators. They often promise to make your company a billion-dollar business, to help you make your product a must-have or get you a follow-on investment that will secure a bright future for your company and allow you to have a good night sleep again. Since 2005, when the first accelerator Y combinator emerged, we have witnessed an expansion of entities, platforms, initiatives that call themselves accelerators and often claim to be saviors of early-stage startups. Europe is not an exception. There are more 70 accelerators active within the borders of European Union (some sources say even 100) and due to freedom of movement and small amount of seed capital that they provide, it is fairly easy for any startup to give it a shot in any member state. Given the amount of accelerators, how should you choose the one that can provide you with most value-add?

Science to business database maps scientific research

We live in permanently changing environment, surrounded by a lot of information. Sometimes, there is a problem that arises in picking out the useful one from the crowd.
The “Science2Business” database enables companies to get the information about new technologies and knowledge easily and efficiently, which is the best way to protect and enhance their competitive advantage in the era of turbulent technological development.

Getting accelerator ready - getting investment ready

Large amount of new companies in the web/internet area are looking into startup accelerators as the possible source of first-seed-money. Not only that, but also mentorship, access to investors and suddenly startup accelerator became a trend, that Y generation is preferring even more than a university education.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aprende a financiarte

Learn how to get finance

Aprende a Financiarte (Learn how to get finance) is a program coordinated by the High Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain and implemented by the Regional Council of Chambers of Commerce of Andalusia. The Program is co-financed by the Chambers of Commerce and the European Regional Development Fund.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hottest event in Austria: IH Brainslounge 2015

Another outstanding InvestHorizon event was celebrated last July 7th - in Siegendorf, Austria – where 22 promising startups, 5 coaches and 20 investors participated in Brainslounge 2015, the hottest Early Stage Camp and Investment Forum ever recorded in history. The 37 degrees of heat although were not enough to compromise the success of this event organized and hosted by Austrian Brainswork and DreamAcademia.Founded and led by serial entrepreneur and business angel Selma Prodanovic, Brainswork is one of Austria’s most influential consultancies for startup and new business development. Thanks to the cooperation with DreamAcademia, the center of dream development, the event took place in the Dreamicon Vally, an innovation and technology hub on the outskirts of Vienna where talented entrepreneurs from all over the world can get the support necessary to make their dreams a reality. Definitely the ideal location to set the right tone for the event.