Monday, May 18, 2015

InvestHorizon- entrepreneurs want equity?

It is important to look at access to finance matters from a broader perspective bearing in mind the interdependence of the actors, legislation and systems. It is as impossible to detach supply from demand side of financing as it is to dismantle the financial ecosystem from the broader economic framework.

Entrepreneurs and the Capital Markets Union...

Entrepreneurs want under-exploited and emerging new forms of equity financing to be stimulated so they can scale up. This could range from promoting responsible crowd-funding schemes to stimulating cross-border venture capital markets and attracting major global institutional investors. A pan-European policy approach is critical in increasing our businesses’ investment opportunities. 

During the meeting with Commissioner responsible, in simplification, for better equity finance, a group of entrepreneurs voiced their recommendations to:
  • Investigate how to accelerate equity investor decisions so more in line with growing businesses’ rapid development needs;
  • Explore mechanisms to enhance the financial acumen and investment readiness of young, innovative businesses;
  • Address the tax bias against equity financing in much of the EU;
  • Encourage European business angels to collaborate in funds especially focused on the pre-revenue stage of young and innovative companies.

From the left: Peter Höjerback (CEO, Serstech AB, Sweden), Jonathan Hill (EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services & Capital Markets Union), Adriana S. Sartor (Managing Director, Eletrotec S.r.l., Italy), Richard Weber (EUROCHAMBRES President and Executive associate, Karlsberg Brauerei KG Weber, Germany), Vincent Jocquet (VP Finance & Operations, Sentiance, Belgium), Jouko Pölönen (Executive Vice President, Chief of Banking, OP Financial Group, Finland)

What else?

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