Wednesday, May 6, 2015

European Future Internet start-ups get between €10,000 and €170,000 of direct funding for developing innovative applications FIWARE

The accelerator Finodex funded by the European Commission opened its second call for proposals in ICT based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies and will select up to 51 innovative projects willing to create products or services using FIWARE technologies and re-using open data from any origin. The selected projects will benefit from up to 4.64 million euros. Each selected project may obtain between €10,000 and €170,000 of direct funding.

SMEs and entrepreneurs who wish to participate on this occasion, will have time to submit their projects until next June 17th at 5PM (Brussels time).

About Finodex

Finodex is a business incubator helping to create new ICT products and services in Europe, making use of the FIWARE platform and Open Data, and involving SMEs and entrepreneurs for it.

In the first call (closed in December 2014) 196 proposals were presented and 49 got selected coming from very different sectors: health (11), transport (10) economy & finance (6), environment & energy (6), ICT (4), sports (3) agriculture (2), smart cities (2), legal (1), manufacturing (1), media & entertainment (1), commerce (1) and tourism (1).

Between 2014 and 2016 the European Commission will allocate 80 million euros through Finodex and 15 other accelerators, for SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe to develop their products.

If you are interested to apply: proposals must be submitted through the platform of entrepreneurs F6S  at 
Twitter: @finodexproject