Thursday, May 21, 2015

Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Investors flock to Eindhoven for the EBAN Open Forum day, powered by InvestHorizon.

Another successful event powered by InvestHorizon was celebrated this May when an international ensemble of more than 100 entrepreneurs, coaches and investors participated in the EBAN Open Forum day at the High Tech Campus.

After a good cup of coffee, the day started off with a Coaching Workshop in the morning in collaboration with the EBAN Institute, EBAN´s knowledge transfer program headed by Turkish serial entrepreneur and education expert Mr. Baybars Altuntas. More than 20 startups participated in the workshop which was extraordinarily led by 3 experienced and international coaches: Daniel Tomov (Founder & CEO of Eleven Accelerator), Patrick Riley (CEO Global Accelerator Network) and Michael O’Connor (CEO of CorkBIC). The participants received insight on how to answer three important questions that every startup has on their minds: How to arrive at a justifiable valuation? What is the right balance between hype and delivery? Do I really have a scalable proposition or is it hope?

With the valuable advice received from the coaches, the startups made their way to the center stage in the auditorium of High Tech Campus for the e-Xcelerator Investor Forum powered by InvestHorizon. The jury composed of both coaches and investors gave its feedback and comments to the entrepreneurs that pitched and the best 6 companies selected received another opportunity to pitch on the same stage during the InvestHorizon Global Investor Forum.

The jury was composed by: Eileen Moloney, Cork BIC; Baybars Altuntas,TBAA President; Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus EBAN; Modwenna Rees Mogg, Angel News; Peter Braun, CEO of the Mountain Club AG; Kaspar Korjus, Estonia’s E-Residency Program; Candace Johnson, President EBAN; Mohamed Altawash, MRT Investment; Michael O'Connor, CEO of CorkBIC Daniel Tomov, CEO Eleven; Selma Prodanovic, Co-founder of Austrian Angel Investors Association; Ari Korhonen, Vice President of EBAN and Founder of Lagoon Capital; Dimitris Tsingos, CEO of StartTech Ventures and President of YES; Brian Cohen, Chairman of NY Angels; Alicia Robb, Senior Fellow at Kauffmann Foundation; Leslie Jump, Founder of StartupAngels Ivar Siimar, President of Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN); Charles Sidman, President Emeritus of Crowdfunding Professional Association, Mariana Bozesan, Founder & Partner AQAL Capital; Catherine Mott, President Emeritus ACA; Patrick Riley, CEO Global Accelerator Network; Pontus Frohde, COO of FundedByMe; Axel Kalinowski, Manager - Continental Europe, London Stock Exchange.

At the end of the Global Investor Forum, the winners elected by the jury were announced and awarded with a certificate of recognition bestowed by Candace Johnson, Ari Korhonen and Baybars Altuntas.
  • The winner of the “Most Investible Company” was awarded to CashorCard and collected by its founder and CEO John Staunton
  • The winner of the “One to Watch” award was bestowed to iLost and collected by its founder Hanneke Stegweg


(Baybars Altuntas - Hanneke Stegweg - Candace Johnson - Ari Korhonen)


(Baybars Altuntas - Candace Johnson - John Staunton - Ari Korhonen)

Eindhoven, May 6th 2015