Thursday, May 21, 2015

Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Investors flock to Eindhoven for the EBAN Open Forum day, powered by InvestHorizon.

Another successful event powered by InvestHorizon was celebrated this May when an international ensemble of more than 100 entrepreneurs, coaches and investors participated in the EBAN Open Forum day at the High Tech Campus.

After a good cup of coffee, the day started off with a Coaching Workshop in the morning in collaboration with the EBAN Institute, EBAN´s knowledge transfer program headed by Turkish serial entrepreneur and education expert Mr. Baybars Altuntas. More than 20 startups participated in the workshop which was extraordinarily led by 3 experienced and international coaches: Daniel Tomov (Founder & CEO of Eleven Accelerator), Patrick Riley (CEO Global Accelerator Network) and Michael O’Connor (CEO of CorkBIC). The participants received insight on how to answer three important questions that every startup has on their minds: How to arrive at a justifiable valuation? What is the right balance between hype and delivery? Do I really have a scalable proposition or is it hope?

Monday, May 18, 2015

InvestHorizon- entrepreneurs want equity?

It is important to look at access to finance matters from a broader perspective bearing in mind the interdependence of the actors, legislation and systems. It is as impossible to detach supply from demand side of financing as it is to dismantle the financial ecosystem from the broader economic framework.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

European Future Internet start-ups get between €10,000 and €170,000 of direct funding for developing innovative applications FIWARE

The accelerator Finodex funded by the European Commission opened its second call for proposals in ICT based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies and will select up to 51 innovative projects willing to create products or services using FIWARE technologies and re-using open data from any origin. The selected projects will benefit from up to 4.64 million euros. Each selected project may obtain between €10,000 and €170,000 of direct funding.

SMEs and entrepreneurs who wish to participate on this occasion, will have time to submit their projects until next June 17th at 5PM (Brussels time).