Tuesday, March 10, 2015

InvestHorizon - 3 ways to learn & attract investment to your business

Nowadays, when every second article on tech blogs is about new gadgets raising millions on a crowdfunding platform or about startups that yet does nothing raising millions of dollars from top VC firms, makes people wonder - could my idea be attractive enough to potential investor and could i scale and grow my business with this additional money?

Short answer - it definitely would. Longer story though - you need to know what type of investment suits your business and prepare well for the fundraising. This can be more challenging as it may seem at the beginning. Fundraising will consume lots of your time and energy, you'll have to delegate tasks to other for your company to run smoothly and still grow. You will also hear lots of NOs.

Real world experience

Is there a way to avoid some of the mistakes when finding and approaching investors? There is! There are lots of entrepreneurs that have successfully raised funding multiple times and are happy to share their insight. It might be a good source to start. There are plenty of articles and videos with real-world experiences. A good example is this panel discussion at Google I/O conference.

InvestHorizon project

European Commission is determined to help entrepreneurs to have strong businesses, businesses that can expand EU-wide and worldwide. This is the reason why InvestHorizon project has been created. Its ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs that are considering raising funds to get the necessary knowledge, training and contacts.

There are 3 main areas InvestHorizon can help you - take a look and take action!

Online courses

Free online education content and massive online courses on Investment Readiness for entrepreneurs and about Mechanics of Investment and emerging sectors for Investors.


Investment readiness coaching academies designed to prepare entrepreneurs to maximise their potential to raise funding.

Business support and presentational training for start-ups, early and growth stages companies.


Investment Forum events, where selected companies pitch, free of charge, their business proposals to experienced investors.

Registered SMEs get free online tailored feed-back and rating on Investment readiness level provided by our network of investor and industry experts.