Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WEAR Sustain Events

The WEAR Sustain project and the Creative Ring have produced a series of events in Europe around the development of wearable prototypes including e-textiles and smart materials (

WEAR (Wearable Technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible Innovation) Sustain is a 2 year, £3 million project, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation initiative to engage art, design and creative industries to work more closely with technology and engineering industries.

The aim is to shift the development of wearables and the e-textile landscape towards a more sustainable and ethical approach.

The events include a series of workshops, open coaching, matchmaking, networking opportunities, and opportunities to directly interact with members of the EU WEAR consortium.

Applications sought from artists, creatives, technologists and engineers with an interest in wearables, e-textiles and smart materials.

More WEAR Project details are available at:

Event Title: WEAR Sustain Support Event - Brussels (Belgium)

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017
Time: 10:00 - 17:00

There will also be opportunities to write and improve your proposals through one-to-one coaching and networking with experts and consortium members at the following events.

10am                     Welcome at MAD Brussels

1015                       STARTS boosts synergies between artists, creative people and technologists

1045                       WEAR Sustain - Open Call do’s & don’ts

1115                       Coffee break

1130                       Brussels Creative - vibrant ecosystem of creative hubs & crossover initiatives

1150                       Cities of Making

1210                       Welcome to the Lunch Session

1245                       Transdisciplinary workshop on ethical, aesthetic,
                                 responsible innovation (open call topics)

How can artists & designers and technologists solve environmental issues associated with creating, using and discarding wearable devices and smart textiles?

Use, Reuse and Waste:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop new wearables using technologies, textiles and materials that engage with sustainable use, reuse or waste?

Body/ Physiology/ Somatics:
How can artists & designers and technologists address and combat the negative impact of wearable technologies and smart textiles on the body?

How can artists or designers with technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that harvest or make use of alternative energy?

Emotional and Mental Health:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that minimise the negative impact on users emotional and mental health, and enhance comfort and wellbeing?

Ethical Social/Cultural/Economic Use of Data:
How can artists & designers and technologists develop wearable devices and smart textiles that create social, cultural and economic sustainability for data collection and processing?

1400                       Coffee break

1430                       Triaxis - joining forces as pluridisciplinary teams

1500                       Mapping & exploring the wearables ecosystem and the next generation of wearables

1530                       Closing Keynote - Smart Fabrics

1700                       Tour visiting participating fab labs & creative hubs in Brussels

Please register through the Eventbrite portal and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Success Story - MVMANT


Founders: Blochin Cuius, Riccardo D’Angelo

MVMANT is an urban transportation on demand solution based on vehicles circulating over fixed routes with service on demand. The dispatching of vehicles is managed by predictive algorithms and by requests generated through the dedicated app.
This allows to allocate the vehicles when and were needed and match the mobility needs of citizens in the most efficient way.
The MVMANT platform consists also of a city loyalty program and a targeted advertisement solution.

MVMANT is the ideal synthesis of bus and taxi and overcomes the limits of car-and ridesharing. It includes a loyalty scheme (like Payback) where customers can earn free trips and which benefits all local stakeholders (local businesses, taxi and public transit operators).

What has happened since the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2016 and the InvestHorizon Coaching Day?

After joining the IH coaching day and finally winning the innovation award of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2016, MVMANT has now closed a strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz and was selected by the Dubai Future Accelerators program (30 companies selected from over 2200 applications).
MVMANT was one of 19 companies that have signed a contract with the Government Entity and the service will be deployed in Dubai in 2017.

Regarding the market perspective, the primary target is the urban transportation market. The urban population is estimated to be around 4 bn and will grow to 6 bn within the next 30 years. We calculate 7 to 15 EUR daily commission for every deployed vehicle. On a full deployment scale, we forecast 1.000 vehicles per million inhabitants.

Success Story - Bemyeye

Bemyeye operates in the mobile crowdsourcing, changing the way people work. BeMyEye connects the Eyes with businesses looking for location-specific information, such as checking in-store promotion and prices, generating sales leads or gathering street level data for mapping enrichment.

BeMyEye gamifies tasks by setting location-specific challenges, enabling people to make money wherever they are. The crowdsourced insights allow businesses to uncover reliable, real world insights, collected from any location, at scale. This method empowers businesses to “see” thousands of locations within moments, giving them the intelligence to identify new revenue streams, uphold brand integrity and make savings quickly.

Founded in 2011 by Italian entrepreneur and innovator, Gian Luca Petrelli, BeMyEye is established across Europe.
Gian Lucca pitched at Digitaltech summit in 2015. At the time the company had already raised €2.0 million in funding from RedSeed Ventures and 360 Capital Partners.
In May 2016 the company raised €6.5 million in Series B funding. The company’s Series B investors are Nauta Capital, P101, and previous backer 360 Capital Partners.

Success Story - MOVVO

Movvo’s ground breaking technology uses multiple sensors to understand, predict, and influence shopper behaviour. Movvo’s Movvement Intelligence platform enables new opportunities for businesses to monetise their physical space and provide a true omnichannel experience to their visitors for the first time. Spaces such as shopping malls, city centres and entertainment venues are all taking advantage of this new generation of technology, and Movvo sits at the forefront of an exciting new industry.

Movvo pitched at Digitaltech summit 2015 in Lisbon. Since then it raised a Series A investment of € 5.5 Million in June 2016. This investment round was co-led by Caixa Capital and Sonae IM, with co-investment from existing angel investor Dueto. Both Caixa Capital and Sonae were investors attending the DTS 2015.

Success Story - Agricolus

Agricolus on the rise!

Agricolus aims to provide a complete system for managing pesticide and growth treatments for agricultural crops.
In recent times, when agriculture is facing several problems such as constant increasing prices of factors of production, the decline in selling prices of agricultural products, the need for reducing pollution and saving energy resources and primary, the introduction of precision farming is a new opportunity in crop management.
By identifying and monitoring the variability of soil parameters of each plot, the vigor of the plant and attack of plant pathogens, it is possible to establish different criteria for intervention in individual fields by optimizing the cultivation (fertilization, spreading of plant protection, irrigation, etc.) as well as the costs of production and the level of pollution.
Agricolus Suite is a FIWARE based application that allows to improve agricultural production, minimize environmental damage by utilizing maximum contents of products restricting the use of certain pesticides from the new CAP, raise production quality standards and achieve cost savings resulting from the rationalization of farming operations by using precision farming.

Participating to the InvestHorizon Investment Forum in Lisbon on 22 October 2015 brought to Agricolus new customers, improved validation of their solutions and potential partnership and distributors for our products. They were also approached by an Italian investor right after their pitch.
The pitch was useful to validate our technological and business strategies and market approach. It has been a very important experience for Agricolus. We had good results after this experience and we had the chance to introduce ourselves to this valuable group of international investors.”
We got back in touch with Andrea and he told us that since the event, “many things happened with Agricolus! The most important one is that we will establish, with other investors, a spin-off in the next few weeks (by the end of February). It is a big step: it will become a dedicated company with an international staff and the direct contribution of people from two Italian universities: we will mix our business skills with a strong research team!
Other than this, we have just been accepted in the scaleup acceleration process of EIT Digital: they will support us for both our lines of products, WiseTown and Agricolus. This is a very big step!” (see here).
Agricolus was also selected to present in the Startup Europe Italy Finals last December and was awarded tickets to the EBAN Malaga Congress.

Success Story - Cedexis

Co-founded in 2009 by Julien Coulon, Cedexis optimizes web performance across data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and clouds. Cedexis can deliver significant performance improvement, cost optimization and increased search engine rankings.

The company raised a $22 million Series B round in January 2016 led by Ginko Ventures with participation from Foxconn, Nokia Growth Partners, Citrix Systems Ventures and its Series A investors Madrona Ventures and Advanced Technology Ventures. This new round brought Cedexis’s total funding to $33 million.

Julien pithed at the Digitaltech Summit 2015 in Lisbon for €10 million. At the time the company had already raised $14.2 million.

Nokia growth partners and Ginko Ventutes were both Investors attending the Digitaltech Summit.

Success Story - Uniplaces

Uniplaces -

Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking student accommodation. Founded in Lisbon in 2012 by former classmates Miguel Amaro, Ben Grech and Mariano Kostelec.

Miguel pitched for €10 million at the Digitaltech summit in 2015. At the time the company had already €3.8 million seed round led by Octopus and from Shilling Capital Partners, SGPS, S.A.,  Alex Chesterman and William Reeve.

In November 2015 Uniplaces raised a $24 million Series A funding led by Atomico with the existing investors Octopus Ventures and Shilling Capital Partners, and co-investor Caixa Capital.

Octopus and Caixa Capital were both investors attending the DTS 2015.